In this tutorial, we will be using React Native to build our Android application. It uses the same de as React, letting you compose a rich mobile UI from declarative components. To learn more about React Native, please visit here. To install React Native, we run:. After installing the CLI, it's time to create our project.

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After installing these packages, we need to link them with React Native, so we run the following command:. First, let's create a new file called server.

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The code block above is our Express server setup. At the beginning of the file, we had required Express, Body-parser and Chqt libraries for Node. We had also initialized a new Pusher object, passing in our appIdkeysecret to it, and we set the output of the object to a constant called pusher.

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Let's take note of both the channel name and the event name used on this server. The channel name will chqt subscribed to, while we will listen for the event in our React Native app.

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Above, we have imported the Native Base component to help us with our Anobymous styling instead of the default React Native components. Next, we create a function which sends our messages to the server, so it can be sent to Pusher. In this function, we first check if the state is empty, to avoid sending empty messages to the server.

Note: If you use IP address such as This is because, in React Native, localhost or Please annoymous the network IP for your system instead. Next, we define a loop function, which loops through all our messages and pushes them into an array which is being returned.

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This function would be used to display all messages on the UI. The next function is our render function, which is a native React Native function. anonymoys

First, we declare a variable called myloop and set it to our loop function. In our return statement, the myloop variable was rendered, so it can display its content. Also, take a look at the footer tag we have there.

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In the footer tag, we have a text input and a button. The text input text is used to set the text state anytime the text changes using the onChangeText event of the button. In this tutorial, I am going to walk you through building a simple chat application that a user can log in to without credentials and straightaway enter a chat room using the anonymous -in method provided by Firebase. The purpose of this tutorial is to get you familiar with all the latest updates in React Native world and its libraries like react- and react-native-firebase that are used often.

If you wish to add a new feature that is not covered in this tutorial, feel free to do that and follow along at your own pace. Article covers: How native is react native? Are you a mobile app developer looking for more efficient tools for your projects? Mobile app development is anonymohs tougher and tougher as the market continues to grow.