Here are some links to other sites on the net for those interested in the topic of female wrestling, in all it's forms and glory! Each site wresgling has the WrestlingLady seal of approval. I don't link to just any site, so each of these is worth visiting! Bay State Women's Wrestling Very nice and constantly updated site celebrating women's pro wrestling in a respectful manner.

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Here are some links to other sites on the net for those interested in the topic of female wrestling, in all it's forms and glory! Each site below has the WrestlingLady seal of approval. I don't link to just any site, femald each of these is worth visiting! Bay State Women's Wrestling Very nice and constantly updated site celebrating women's pro wrestling in a respectful chay. They also sell videos and other stuff.

Definately worth a long visit! Bomur's Habitat! Here you will find the home of one of the web's most prolific authors on the subject of fictional, female wrestling.

The place to find a wrestling opponent. :: main chat | runboard

He also has some wrewtling and lots of other very interesting stuff. It's a great site worth visiting over and over! Please support it! For those of you who unfamilair with those terms, they are downloadable, moving pictures. He also contributed the.

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Take a look at his wonderful site! This should be your first place to visit, regardless of what your particular interest is in on the topic of women's wrestling. Chat room, message board, stories, huge links and good advice for both the wrestler and fan of the sport. All run by one of the most incredible, knowledgeable woman you will ever almost meet. And especially important for those women who are active wrestlers or would like to be.

There is a Ladies Corner which you can after Barbara voice verifies you, so you can be confident in whom you are conversing with. Ebony Ladies Wrestling Site A wonderful picture site celebrating, in particular but not exclusively, African American women wrestlers. Tons of fun stuff and updated frequently so visit often! The next one is coming in april and has lots of great wrestlers ed up to participate. He frequently updates the site with new artwork and stories, so take a look.

Wrestling Holds Gallery The webmaster, Maverint, has done an extraordinary job of putting together a comprehensive resource of holds both pro and amateur for the wrestler, writer and fan. Descriptions and pictures of many of the most common wrestling maneuvers, but also lots of other new stuff too. Angel Fight's A large and lovely, amateur female wrestler with a nice site! Penny Banner The webmaster also runs the Ebony Ladies Wrestling Site, so expect a wrestlkng entertaining tribute to Penny!

Wgestling for private matches.

Female wrestling chat

Cheryl Rusa's The home of one of the most popular women's wrestler's today. Lots of pics of this beautiful and talented woman in action. A very active, attractive and interesting woman. Check out her commercial and caution Adult website. It features pictures of Heather, her travel schedule and information for contacting her.

It also has a link to She's So Strong Productions, a new wrestling club in the New York area which features many women who offer wrestling and muscle worship sessions as well videos. One of the most beautiful and talented of the GLOW wrestlers, she is still very active in professional wrestling and has great pics, things to buy, things to say and other fun stuff!

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So go and take a look, and say hello to her from me! She has a list of the events she will appear in, so go out and support her!!!

She is not only very pretty, but also very talented from what I hear, with a great website. Luna Vachon's Home A site dedicated to one of the veterans of the women's wrestling ring. And now there is a second devoted to Luna as well. A very outspoken and powerful woman who has led a very interesting life so far, and tells all about it! She also has a special GLOW tape for sale too! Pin-Down Girls Run by a pretty, young woman named Nikki who produces and stars in the videos she sells on this site.

A Tribute to the late Rageina Cage Rageina Cage was a wonderful woman who was attempting to become a professional wrestler. She even had her own website too, and was very active in the internet wrestling community.

Unfortunately Rageina passed waway during the weekend of May 1, So a very sweet guy, who is the webmaster for several other women wrestlers, has put together this tribute to her. Southern Hellcats A vendor site featuring some very beautiful women participating in what they call "She Fights".

Female wrestling chat

They sell videos and also arrange private matches with these gorgeous gladiators, many of whom are pictured. Storm's Wrestling Paradise The home of Amanda Storm, a professional wrestler who is also a wonderful woman. Great site with lots of great stuff! She accepts matches for a fee and has lots of pictures on her site to entice you into wrestling against her. She is a real knock-out in more ways than one!!!

She has lost only one match so far, in close to 50, and has the reputation of being a very tough wrestler who will do whatever it takes to win, regardless of the rules. Lots of pics, videos for sale and other stuff too! Venom - Doin' it any way she pleases! A very pretty young lady who is new to pro wrestling. She is based in the Southeastern Pro Wrestling Federation.

I've begun to hear her name quite a bit so keep an eye on her!!! Manzer's Tape List Very extensive list of tapes available for trade or sale from almost every company. Vast selection of GLOW tapes too! And he's very honest. Remale him I sent you! Cyber Town Wrestling A new virtual wrestling site where viewers vote for the winners in this fictional league. The site features original artwork.

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Women's Fantasy Wrestling League Another site where viewers vote for the winner of a hypothetical wrestling match. The site feaurres videos for sale, but also the first and original Women's Wrestling chat room and Cyber Fighting Arena. I frequented that chat room in the past, and recommend it again if it can achieve the same level of participation. Good luck Dobie!

See the of the voting for the favorite women's wrestling websites of ! Wrestling Fun Home This is a wonderful, quirky website.

Although it focuses primarliy on mixed wrestling, it does feature an eclectic grouping of stuff related to female wrestling as well. Whatever Happened To? The Ladies of Wrestling. A great site featuring lots of old pics of women wrestlers from the "Golden Age"!.

The place to find a wrestling opponent. | runboard

Sleeperkid's World. A wonderful site, packed with pics, stories, photo stories and lots of other uniqe and interesting fetish type aspects of women's wrestling. Though the focus is on the "finishing move", there is lots of other great stuff here too!!! Metroplitan Club A great site, formerly one of my Top They took a short break, but they're back and better than ever! Go see for yourself! They have lots of videos for sale and tons of pictures of some of the best pro lady wrestlers of the past 10 years.

Honest Eddy's Links An interesting concept. It's a bit sloppy, but a great concept.

The Hardbody Directory A huge list of links to female "Hardbody Sites"which includes an impressive list of wrestling sites, muscle women and the like. Another GLOW website!

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But here is the first which did not simply copy my stuff onto their own site. Fig4Gvup's Home He enhances pictures of female athletes, mostly wrestlers, in a very artistic and creative way.

Female wrestling chat

Lots of great shots and very much worth a look! Female Wrestlers International Network A new which is still under construction, but with enormous potential.

They intend to offer a site which will profile and feature women wrestlers, including amateurs, pros and Japanese attempting to market them to the public. Take a look and support the women! E-Claws A very interesting site which gives you the opportunity to particpate in the production of a wrestling video for a fee of course. Have time on your hands, because it may take some time to navigate, but definately worth it!

Erotic World of Female Wrestling A very complete and nice site exploring the sensual and erotic side of female wrestling as the title indicates. Lots of stuff here including catfight stories, personals, a Java chat room, videos and pix for sale and much more. It is however an adult oriented site, intended for adults only. There is also a separate, personal site for the "WebMistress", Judy who is herself a wrestler.