The three get to know one another on the way to LA, and as they begin to form opinions about one another, Jon makes a comment about Tami and Dominic that they see as derogatory. After getting to Venice Beach and meeting Aaron, Irene, David and Beth, at the season house, the trio decide to put the road trip behind them, and begin with a blank slate.

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The three get to know one another on the way to LA, and as they begin to form opinions about fgee another, Jon makes a comment about Tami and Dominic that they see as derogatory. After getting to Venice Beach and meeting Aaron, Irene, David and Beth, at the season house, the trio decide to put the road trip behind them, and begin with a blank slate.

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Jon and David's relationship alternates between amenability and disagreements over music, household duties and perceptions of racial stereotypes. Dominic is similarly irritated with Beth, first because of the intrusion of her cat into his personal space, and then when the owensvoro is turned away from a Beverly Hills party to which she informed them they were invited.

Feeling she needs to improve her social life, Tami goes out on two dates as part of her second appearance on the dating game Studs. A miscommunication over a night out le to an explosive public argument between David, Irene and Dominic, with accusations of cliquismlack of consideration and feelings of persecution leveled among the three. David further comes into conflict with Beth over household cleanliness and courtesy over use of the phone, while Jon thinks David is always playing to an audience, and is difficult to get owensborl with, and David sees the cast's attempt to discuss their differences with him as gangpiling.

Jon and Beth ponder Aaron and Dominic's unlikely friendship, which Jon, Irene and Beth feel has become a clique from which others are excluded. The cast comes to think chaat Beth is a "drama queen" who exaggerates trivial matters. Aaron and David are perplexed at Jon, who stays home all day and declines their offers of assistance in finding work.

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Irene takes umbrage at Aaron's constant jokes at Jon's expense, though Dominic says it is merely good-natured ribbing. Irene's fiance Tim suggests that he and Irene spend a weekend in her hometown with Jon, which includes a performance by Jon at a country bar. David, who perceived Tami herself to have been amused by his actions, objects to this characterization, while Tami objects to what she sees as a lack of sympathy by the other men.

After Tami temporarily leaves the house, the cast discusses the matter, with the women demanding that David move out.

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David argues that Beth peeking at Dominic's boxer shorts in Episode 5 merits her own eviction, but she points out that she did not expose Dominic to others or to the camera, and that he walks around in his boxers frequently. As the rest of the cast continue to discuss Beth's rape comparison, and possible damage to David's career, David eventually moves out. Beth serves as the victim in a simulated mountain rescue.

An acrophobic Tami, who does not take well to climbing, lashes out owennsboro the more adept Aaron, and during the course of the trip, reveals that she is pregnant. Tami's mother is angry and devastated that Tami, who works in an AIDS health swx center where condoms are ubiquitous, neglected to use them. Although the cast is supportive of Tami's decision, discussion on the topic ensues, in particular between Jon, who is anti-abortionand Foe and his visiting girlfriend, Erin, who are pro-choice.

As Tami deals with the aftermath of the surgery, her mother explains that she would phnoe had an abortion had they been legal inbut in retrospect is glad that they were illegal, given how positively Tami has defined her life. The episode was preceded by an advisory title card that read: This is the real world where sometimes we face life's serious and sobering struggles.

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This episode examines one of the most complex, controversial and painful of these struggles. In attending Irene's wedding, the cast ponders their own future weddings, and observe how Jon, who was closest to Irene, is particularly saddened by her departure, and speculate on his feelings for her. Chhat A. A homesick Glen, who feels that he hasn't bonded with the rest the cast as he has with his friends back home, enjoys a visit from his Perch bandmates, who pursue career opportunities.

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Investigating appropriate singing venues, which proves difficult in Los Angeles, Jon competes in a country singing contest, impressing his phome and tying for first place. She takes an acting class, and cnat helps put on a play as a showcase for casting directors and agents. Tami's music career continues to face struggles, including body issues and a demanding producer. Tami's coworker puts on an AIDS prevention seminar at the house, though Tami decides to quit the health care center, as the death of patients close to her has taken a toll on her.

Feeling uncertain and unhappy, she consults a psychic, takes a class at ITT Technical Instituteand has her jaw wired shut to lose weight. Jon reflects on his time in LA, saying that although the experience has changed him for the better, it is not his home, as he does not wish to undergo the lifestyle change that living there would effect upon him.

When a meeting over this le to the mutual accusation between Glen and the rest of the cast that neither has attempted to get to know the other, the cast attempts to remedy this with a grab bag of anonymously written personal questions. This and other group activities, such as making sandwiches for the homeless, helps the cast bond. Glen and Beth A. Jon, Tami and Beth S.

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The cast is also troubled by Dominic's excessive drinking. Beth's mother also visits, providing time for Beth to spend more time with her, and the others to gain insight into Beth. Beth also deals with harsh criticism from Glen and Aaron, though she receives support from Jon and Beth A. The cast eventually relieves their group tension with a game of paintballwhich Beth S. In attendance is Irene, as well as Tami's mother, who sees Tami perform publicly for the first time.

Aaron also prepares for owenwboro graduation, which is attended by the rest of the cast. Dominic's owensgoro at Variety suggest that he write a piece on his experiences during filming. To appear less contentious, the cast does a group confessional, but ends up arguing and storming owwnsboro.

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The episode, which was hosted by Shannen Dohertyfeatured a skit depicting a Real World cast patterned after the Los Angeles cast, and poked fun at the discussions of racismbigotry and political differences that served as a recurring theme that season. He notes that much of the impetus for the Chappelle Show skit was his perception that the casts of The Real World often display their racist perceptions of African Americans, especially black men, as typified by the incident with Edwards.

He also founded a company that helps place music in fro, TV shows and video games. As ofhe is a oensboro executive for Disney 's TV and film projects.

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County Sheriff's Department, and a mother of two. She married basketball player Kenny Anderson. They have two daughters, Lyric and Jazz, but they later divorced. Under the name Tami Roman, she appeared as a cast member on the VH1 reality television series Basketball Wiveswhich depicted her and her husband's attempt to salvage their relationship.