Posted: Dec 25, pm. Nypno Dec 26, am. You're joking, right? Hypnosis isn't some magic power where you say a few words and someone is instantly in a trance!

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Posted: Dec 25, pm. Posted: Dec 26, am.

You're joking, right? Hypnosis isn't some magic power where you say a few words and someone is instantly in a trance! Besides, if you had put someone in a trance in a chatroom, how would you tell? Hypbo think you need to do a bit more reading and research, Yaniv! And before anyone says anything, I am hhpno professional, d hypnotherapist.

I think I know my subject. So no credulous stories, purlease!!! Ben While I agree with you in recommending Yaniv to do a little more research, I must suggest that the power of the written word should not be underestimated. I refer you to any great work of literature that has moved you. However, more pertinently, I remind you of the influence the written word exerts on the minds of those that read and follow a daily horoscope. These little columns of seemingly innocuos black squiggles create altered states and affect the perceptions of billions of people around the globe.

Cjat leading to devastating consequences. Merely the act of reading them creates an altered state in some as thier mood changes from one of curiosity to expectancy and perhaps optimism or even fear. Hypnosis is fundamentally about attention and focus and a well worded sentence commands chwt.

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Agreed, Bruno, but what Yaniv may be suggesting is far more easily accomplished, person to person. Whilst I'm an enthusiastic poster to these boards, the best way to hypnotise is to do it to real people, face to face, not hiding behind a keyboard I know that it's easier to do it face to face, that's why i was asking about it. Posted: Dec 26, pm.

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While Bruno's examples are insightful I don't think they fall under the definition of hypnosis. Yaniv, even if the person whom you were attempting to hypnotise was a willing participant and a stong hypnotic subject I believe this notion would be exceptionally difficult. Bruno has a point the items he describes can induce trance on the reader.

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The very nature of real time chat induces trance. You have to " go inside" and create the missing information inorder to make sense of the conversation. You have to imagine the facial expressions, voice, tonality etc. This is trance; and htpno giuding someones online experience using ericksonian hypnotic language you can create all kinds of hypnotic pehenomena.

It is possible to create time distortion, install voices, posthypnotic suggestion even install obsessions. Years ago I played around online to learn language patterns and it is possible to hypnotise on line. Something I got bored with but it did serve a purpose at the time. Posted: Dec 27, am. I'm not so sure that the experience you describe is hypnosis, shrink.

I'm not so sure it's not, either. Advertising would be well served by hypnotic writing another subject altogether.

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I'm thinking about how people are led down a path to the close of the sale. Char is a fellow, Joe Vitale, who claims to teach "hypnotic writing". People, in chat rooms are led by what they want and the safety of the keyboard might allow them to drop their critical thinking enough for their psyche to be set free in the direction of the fantasy.

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Cybersex might be an example, No? Isn't that where each pretend to be what the other wishes in as intricate and convincing manner as possible? Hjpno that the mind can 'go there'? Really, I'm not so sure anyone knows what hypnosis is or if it exists. I choose to believe that it does exist.

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We've all heard that introduction to hypnosis. So why not: "Have you ever been typing in a chat room and suddenly you realize The hypn I learn about the subject, the less I know for certain. Just thinking aloud. Posted: Dec 27, pm. It is possible to implant post hypnotic suggestions conversationally. Many schools of thought think of trance as something that is ongoing.

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Whenever your senses are turned inwards. Chat rooms tend to bring that on naturally. And it is possible to compound that with hypnotic language. It is in fact possible to assist people make positive changes without them realizing that changes are taking place.

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I don't really play around with it online much these days but it served a purpose at the time. Cchat some of the things I was able to bring about really suprised me. And it was a good way to really learn and create language patterns in real time. Is that Hypnosis?


After reading this thread I suddenly found myself unable to bend my arm or remember my name. Which one of you is responsible? Posted: Mar 13, am. As you sit there Notice the shape of these letters As you slip inside and discover your own reasons for making those changes you want to make You can use hypnotic languaging in chat rooms. I tried it once in a voice chat. This is of course quite possible, although hard, too.

Posted: Mar 13, pm. Shrink, can you give some more details of exactly what you were able to accomplish online? As the world becomes more and more online I see myself communicating with people sometimes more through instant messenger than face to face as it is much cheaper than a phone call. Being able to accomplish something like this would be very valuable I would think. Jonathan Grant. Many things that are possible using conversational hypnosis can be installed online.

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Post hypnotic suggestions creation of sensations elicitation of states I mean Posted: Mar 14, am. I bought the book but it was rubbish. How many readers bought the Lennart Green tape and tried his Top Shot? Or Greg Wilson's tape where he Boomerangs a card 20 feet into space and it comes back into the middle of the pack and tried that? Language Patterns, oral and written, will work.

Posted: Mar 16, am. Someone tried it on me once. They typed, "imagine you're a rabbit Load of rubbish! Cheers, Thumper. Any man who re too much and uses his own brain too little falls into lazy habits of thinking. Albert Einstein. Posted: Mar 17, am. Well, you've certainly got me imagining why chaf would jypno write "imagine cat a rabbit" in a chat room.

Posted: Mar 22, pm. Be careful doing magic over the internet!

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Posted: Yhpno 2, am. Anybody who has read 'Training Trances' would agree with the first post Any body who has seen Video Tad James do instant inductions on a room full of people about 30 of them one at a time using K confusion and a few words would disagree with the second post Cheers TJ. Hypnosis in online chat rooms is possible in any one of several ways: Post hypnotic suggestion to trigger a trance with ssomeone that you have already hypnotized before. This is a classic hypnotic phenomenon and cgat documented.

Franz Polgar, Ormond McGill and others used to use a printed card to demonstrate the effectiveness of hpno post hypnotic trigger in their stage shows and I, personally, have done the same thing, using a Palm Pilot. Another way is via Voice Chat, which is no different than doing a hypnosis session over the phone. Again this can be done either by post hypnotic trigger to re-induce trance with someone you have hypnotized before, or with someone new via a standard or Ericksonian induction. Been there, done that, had it done to me.

Chzt another way, though far more difficult and almost impossible to verify, is via text chat only with someone completely new.