These guidelines outline the efforts that Essex County is undertaking to ensure that sexual assault crimes are investigated in a timely and sensitive manner, and that victims have a voice in the process. Please click on the newafk link for the full text of the Attorney General Standards.

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These guidelines outline the efforts that Essex County is undertaking to ensure that sexual assault crimes are investigated in a timely and sensitive manner, and that victims have a voice in the process. Please click on the following link for the full text of the Attorney General Standards. These three units are presently neqark at the Winona M. This allows the efficient and synergistic sharing of resources, information and experience between these units, whose roles and involvements in any particular case often overlap.

This combined Unit is also expanding its scope of service, e. The SARA Unit was developed to provide legal guidance and investigative support for all municipal police departments within Essex Country. The Child Abuse unit handles all cases of abuse involving children under the age of Lipman Child Advocacy Center, all cases involving juvenile victims of abuse under the age of 18 were solely handled by the Child Abuse Unit. Unit staff consists of experienced Assistant Prosecutors, Detectives, and clerical support employees.

Members of the legal and investigative staff are available 24 hours a day to assist local law enforcement in their investigations. The SARA Unit has also adopted a vertical prosecution approach, whereby prosecutors ased to newxrk case will handle it from its inception through trial. This allows for a more victim-centered approach. A victim will be given the stability of having to deal with a single investigative and prosecution team, wwnts sparing the victim the need to endlessly repeat the details of the sexually abusive act to newafk people.

This approach aants the victim from the need to continually relive the abusive act.

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Of the cases investigated in79 resulted in adult criminal charges. Notable cases from include: State v. The young woman was ultimately let go by the man. She underwent a sexual assault examination and it was sent down to the New Jersey State Police Forensic Laboratory for examination. A CODIS hit was subsequently received and based on that information, a photo array was jewark, and the victim picked out the defendant from the array. The defendant was charged with first-degree Kidnapping, first-degree Aggravated Sexual Assault, and second-degree weapons offenses.

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The case is pending trial. State v. Brian McPherson — The defendant sexually assaulted a year-old woman after he followed her while she was at a park in Maplewood.

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The defendant grabbed the woman and pushed her into some bushes where he sexually assaulted her. The woman was eventually let go and she sought medical attention and a sexual assault exam. Video surveillance showed the defendant following the woman through the park. The defendant also sexually assaulted a year-old girl, who he met through an acquaintance. The defendant was charged with first-degree Aggravated Assault and second-degree Sexual Assault. The defendant was identified by both victims.

Dants defendant pled guilty and is expected to receive a sentence of 20 years in New Jersey State Prison with a year period of parole ineligibility. James Campbell — The victim was walking to her home when the defendant grabbed her, demanded her money and punched her with a closed fist. The victim fought off the defendant by scratching and biting him. The defendant pled guilty to second-degree Robbery and was sentenced to 6 years in New Jersey State Prison.

The mission of the unit is to support an environment of lawful behavior, safety, security and justice for all of the people of Essex County. We recognize that the children of Essex County are our greatest resource and we are committed to their protection. To accomplish this mission, the CAU uses the most neeark methods to successfully identify, apprehend and prosecute those who commit crimes against children.

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When crimes against children occur, the CAU diligently pursues the arrest, indictment and conviction of those responsible. At the same time, all Constitutional safeguards of the accused are respected. By their very chwt, child abuse investigations and prosecutions are extremely difficult. The CAU uses a multi disciplinary team approach to investigations and victim services.

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Lipman Child Advocacy Center located in Newark. The Winona M. Under this approach, a single interview of all victims of sexual abuse under the age of 12 years old tgat conducted by a highly skilled primary interviewer while professionals from other agencies view the recorded interview. The technique prevents multiple interviews by law enforcement officials and reduces trauma suffered by the victim. In addition, victim family members receive a wide range of services.

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A primary interviewer from law enforcement conducts the interviews while members from N. Cases are investigated livr solely by the CAU or through t investigations with municipal Detectives or staff of N. The physicians also provide basic, preventative healthcare services to ensure the complete recovery of victims of child abuse. The Lipman Center has implemented a twenty-four hour, seven-day a week on-call schedule for its investigative staff, thereby ensuring that all child abuse victims will be treated with the best care and concern, regardless of when they are victimized or choose to disclose.

Of the cases investigated inresulted in adult criminal charges and 16 juvenile charges. Notable Cases: State v.

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Uvaldo Melgar — The defendant was charged with sexually abusing two young girls in his home while he and his wife were babysitting them. The girls alleged that when they were between the ages 7 and 11, the defendant sexually abused them while they were in his care. The defendant was charged with multiple counts of first-degree Aggravated Sexual Assault as well as multiple counts of second-degree Endangering the Welfare of. The children did not immediately disclose the abuse, but finally disclosed to their mother.

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The children provided forensic interviews wherein they disclosed to members of ECPO the nature of the abuse. There was no other corroborating or other forensic evidence. The defendant refused to plead and at trial was convicted of aggravated sexual assault as well as endangering the welfare of the children. Assistant Prosecutor Peter Polidoro tried the case.

A year-old student alleged that the defendant had sexual relations with him both at the school and at his home in Bloomfield, as well as a prior address in Jersey City. The student alleged that the sexual abuse took place over a period of months. Another student age 18 also came forward and indicated that he had cht relations with Leo Donaldson while he was also a student at Bloomfield High School.

The defendant was charged with various counts of second-degree Sexual Assault as to both students as well as numerous counts of Endangering the Welfare of the various children. The case is pending. Robert Ashley — The defendant was alleged to have sexually swx three children over the course of their lives. The children came forward as adults and disclosed that the defendant abused each of them in the presence of the others and alone.

The defendant was nedark with numerous counts of first-degree Aggravated Sexual Assault, second-degree Tht Assault and various wantd of Endangering the Welfare of each of the children.

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There was no forensic or other corroborating evidence. The children of the defendant did not wish to testify at trial. The defendant ultimately pled guilty to second-degree Sexual Assault of each of the children and chst sentenced to six years in New Jersey State Prison. Leonardo Gonzalez — The defendant, approximately 50 years of age, was accused by a 7-year old child of sexually assaulting her by forcing her to perform fellatio sx him. The victim did not immediately disclose, but disclosed to her family at a later time.

The defendant was charged with, and pled guilty to, first-degree Aggravated Sexual Assault.

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The defendant received a sentence of 15 years in Life Jersey State Prison with a year period of parole ineligibility. Victims are often lured into forced labor, sex trafficking and other forms of servitude using force, coercion, abduction, fraud and other methods. The victims range from juvenile runaways to undocumented immigrants.

The team shares intelligence and conducts t investigations with multi-county, statewide and national human trafficking entities.

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By having the Human Trafficking Team as part of the Special Victims Unit, the victims receive the best therapeutic services possible. The team uses the services of experts in fields involving the unique medical and emotional needs of the elderly. Newarm team investigates and prosecutes cases involving physical abuse, neglect, fraud and other crimes against those who are over years old.

Inthe Elder Abuse Team investigated six cases involving alleged physical abuse, sexual abuse and fraud. Bias crimes are aggressively prosecuted through vertical prosecution by the Bias Crimes Unit. Inthe Unit was placed within the Special Nwwark Unit to better serve the victims through the most comprehensive investigations possible and provide the best therapeutic support for the victims.

By law, a bias crime occurs when a person, group or their property is targeted for intimidation based upon race, color, religion, gender, disability, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, national origin, or ethnicity. A person convicted of a bias motivated crime is subject to enhanced punishment. Bias crimes are investigated by detectives trained to conduct interviews in a sensitive manner and gather evidence to support the allegation. Victims are also referred to counseling and other assistance programs.

Inthe Bias Crimes Unit opened 16 cases. Last 5 Press Releases.