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People might be a little more careful, knowing that. Your posts to me, in aggregate, represent you as a mental midget from the very first insults slung. I almost wonder where you think the lines are drawn.

Lets help each other nsa.

Do women have any right to sexual desires? Am I cjty whore since my husband left me? Or a whore because I only waited a year and a half before accepting my FWB relationship? If so, would the same standard apply to a? Does it make a difference that one piece of my decision making was realizing that while I didn't want to be celibate, I also didn't want to involve another in my -' lives?

Or was the FWB okay, but I'm a whore since after all these years I am thinking about having a fuller, deeper, and more satisfying relationship? Doman is that part okay, but not that I want a good sexual relationship as part of that?

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My husband got distant because he likes to fuck a lot of different women. Sometimes at the same time, in the same bed, and I said "no" to that, as well as to an open marriage. He got distant because he doesn't actually know how to do intimacy and has never maintained a friendship.

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He got distant because he can't hold a job pre and post recession nor compete where he wants to in his field. He got distant because his own family background is one of a philandering father and a physiy and emotionally abusive mother.

And, yup, I am still maligning your peeper. Are you really so fragile that it affects you?

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Are you really so myopic that you disassociate that from your original reply to me? Try a little intellectual discipline, Grim; it's good stuff. My wife Victory fuck horney Faroe Islands woman fuckin women American Samoa Not by experiment but by experience, and feeling like a fool. I've noticed that when I try to be honest to be the best I can be, especially savr from a broken home and dead beat father I seem to be taken for a joke and walked on.

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When I turn the other cheek and act like a jerk and play "games", seems fierce and real??? I'd rather be alone than to play a fool inside and out, but maybe I just haven't met "-" yet im just venting but feel free to input in the matter if you have the slightest idea what I talking about Bitch Facebook Video 18 Fucked By Black Cock Well no my father traveled for a living as well he was majukau mercenary, thats kind of why I ended up being a mercenary.

We lived in 3rd world countries all over the world for 3 or 4 months at time while I was growing up.

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He brought chicks home to fuck now and then but mostly he was just off somewhere doing whatever it is he took contracts to do and I sat in the silence in the middle of no fucking where for weeks at a time and kept myself chta till he would woma staggering home once again and bring color back to my world. When I was 16 I was working as a migrant farm worker picking vegetables and whatnot came home one day to find a note on the table that read simply "Im going back to england, your mother lives in Indiana, have a good life.

So yeah I drove up to Indiana to discover what this mythical mother person could be like. I did have an Auntie and an Uncle Boudreaux on my mothers side the two of them I loved dearly but they were advanced in years cify I came to and died a while back of old age.

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I don't get uncomfortable you can ask me anything you would like. I don't really have any secrets NEW shemale gets naughty with boyfriend Chireno Young Libertines Her pussy is not hard to get which was odd, because I kept thinking that his writing was kind of bad, but the plot was so compelling. White Oleander was okay, but so damn depressing. What's up with Oprah only picking books about fat chicks or orphans who attempt suicide.

But oh well at least I tried. Hutto sexy girls Cedar Rapids The men is my life treat me well on a regular basis, and I try to do the same, so we don't need a "holiday" to remind each other to be sweet. I feel the same way about Mother's Day and Father's Day: anything more than a phone and good wishes seems overkill, done out of guilt for neglecting them the rest of the year. And how are you going to be effective at rebelling on the big issues, if you never tune up on the little ones?

Of course, I never did any of these things, but sometimes when I can't sleep because my mind is busy with real issues of the day, I start to think about firing a bazooka through her parents window her father is a real ass and a sense of and calm lets me fall back to sleep; pure fantasy, but calming nonetheless. As for losing friends, that happened from day one of the separation; they all switched sides except for one.

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He mostly knew what was going on because he went through a nasty divorce a few years before mine. I say mostly because he told me at the beginning the he really liked both my ex and I and actually thought we would be getting back together in a few years; he has since changed his opinion of her and her parents. You are spot on when it comes to companionship, except for the losing touch with reality.

This whole divorce has opened my eyes to reality. I used to most women as something beautiful and desirable; now I them and the rest of the human race as once described in a Trek episode big bags of mostly water, and ke bags are out to take for themselves with no regards to the other bags. So tell me, how do you trust something like that?

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How do you find something like that desirable? I feel more like do when their friends talk about the opposite sex and kissing manukauu, gross! Good luck to you in your fight!

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I feel mine is lost; it would take a miracle and they don't exist. I am an artist and have been told that I have a big heart, am sensitive, adorable, sweet, kind, sexy and a wonderful father. I am also successful at what I do. It's frustrating to be a submissive and meet women who after finding this out, reject me. It has happened countless times.

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This is why I am posting here. I am trying to go about finding my Mistress in a more direct way.

I this works. I am very flexible and open to maybe being submissive to a transsexual. I would all depend on the person.