All classes listed below are imported into the main skpy namespace, so can be imported without the need to reference submodules i.

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All classes listed below are imported into the main skpy namespace, so can be imported without the need to reference submodules i. If user and pwd are given, they will be passed to SkypeConnection. If a token file path is present, it will be used if valid. Chqt a successful connection, the token file will also be written to. By default, a connection attempt will be made if skypee valid form of credentials are supplied.

It is also possible to handle authentication manually, by working with the underlying connection ekype instead. SkypeAuthException — if connecting, and the request is rejected. Retrieve a list of events since the last poll. Multiple calls may be needed to retrieve all events. If no events occur, the API will block for up to 30 seconds, after which an empty list is returned.

As soon as an event is received in this time, it is returned immediately. SkypeEvent list. Supports Status. OnlineStatus.

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Busy or Status. Hidden shown as Status. Offline to others. A skeleton class for producing event processing programs. Implementers will most likely want to override the onEvent method.

How do i create a group chat in skype on desktop? | skype support

All arguments up to tokenFile are passed to the SkypeConnection instance. Request one batch of events from Skype, calling onEvent with each event in turn. Continuously handle any incoming events using cycle. This method does not return, so for programs with a UI, this will likely need to be run in its own thread.

Skype for Web Enable image paste : support sending image files by publiic into a conversation input field.

Skype for Web Typing indicator : send typing notifications to contacts when active in conversations. Skype for Web Show emoticons : replace text shortcuts : with actual emoticons in conversations. Skype for Web Pin recent favorites : show favourite and recent contacts at the top of the contact list.

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Update the cached list of all enabled flags, and store it in the flags attribute. Attempt translation of a string. Supports automatic language detection if fromLang is not specified. Properties differ slightly between the current user and others. Only public properties are available here. Searches different possible attributes for each property. Also deconstructs a merged first name field. Any of fields may be filled in, so stringifying will combine them into a comma-separated list.

Convert the raw properties of an API response into class skyppe.

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Override to process additional values. A user on Skype that the logged-in is a contact of. Allows access to contacts-only properties. Phone list. A server-side bot. In most cases, they act like a normal user — they can be added as contacts, interacted with in one-to-one conversations, or invited to groups if the bot supports it. Requesting a single contact contact — returns all public and contact-private info. Requesting a single zkype user — only provides public information, but works with any user.

Searching the Skype directory search — returns a collection of search. Set of SkypeContactGroup instances, keyed by group name. SkypeRequest list. SkypeContact list.

A contact request. Use accept or reject to act on it.

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SkypeMsg list. Send a raw message to the conversation. At a minimum, values for contentmessagetype and contenttype should be provided. The message object returned here will not have a server-provided identifier needed for acksas the messages API does not provide it. Note that message edits depend on the client identifier, which is included. There is no need to include clientmessageid or skypeeditedid — instead, use editId to update an existing message, otherwise a new one will be created with its own client identifier.

Has-Mentions str — whether the message mentions any other sktpe. Send a typing presence notification to the conversation.

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It may be necessary to send this type of message continuously, as each typing presence usually expires after a few seconds. Set active to False to clear a current presence. Helper methods on the SkypeMsg class can generate the necessary markup.

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To consume up to a given message, call SkypeMsg. A group conversation within Skype. Compared to single chats, groups have a topic and participant list. SkypeUser list. Public. Whether the full group chat was retrieved from the server.

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This may be False if a group conversation still appears in the recent list despite being left or deleted. Retrieve a selection of conversations with the most recent activity, and store them in the cache. SkypeChat list.

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The current user is automatically added to the conversation as an admin. Any other admin identifiers must also be present in the member list. Resolve a.

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An edit is represented by a follow-up message with the same clientIdwhich replaces the earlier message. Create a hyperlink. If display is not specified, display the URL. Mention a user in a message. This may trigger a notification for them even if the conversation is muted. Send an edit of this message. Arguments are passed to SkypeChat.

Equivalent to calling edit with an empty content string.

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Hyperlinks are replaced with their publix, quotes are converted to the legacy format, and all other HTML tags are stripped from the text. Button list. Note that Skype represents these messages as being sent by the conversationrather than the initiator. Instead, user is set to the initiator, and member to the target.

How do i manage group chats in skype on desktop? | skype support

Unique identifier of the event, usually starting from Provides methods for retrieving various other object types. Parameters url str — address to ping for info Returns metadata for the website queried Return type dict class skpy. Puvlic may override this method to alter loop functionality. Parameters event SkypeEvent — an incoming event class skpy.

Parameters text str — input text to be translated toLang str — country code of pulbic language fromLang str — country code of input language.

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Type datetime. This can be overridden to automatically create subclass instances based on the raw content.

Parameters raw dict — raw object, as provided by the API Returns a collection of fields, with keys matching attrs Return type dict class skpy. There are multiple ways to look up users in Skype: Requesting the whole contact list — includes most fields, as well as authorisation status. When using key lookups, it checks the contact list first, with a user fallback for non-contacts.

Contacts can also be iterated over, where only authorised users are returned in the collection. Returns collection cyat requests Return type SkypeRequest list class skpy. Currently read-only in the API.