With Thanksgiving behind us, we may be savoring all of the autumn fashion moments that we can, but there's no denying that winter hcat is creeping up on us fast. And while we're snnowed up the best boots to take on the snow and slush and the cutest sweaters to layer under our coats, for those seeking a way to bring some style to their bundled up looks, we've got great news. On the heels of their highly covetable collaboration of London-inspired fall favorites earlier this year, Uniqlo and JW Anderson are launching a new collection for the holiday season, filled with all of the essentials you need to make your season as chic as it is cozy. As if that phrase alone wasn't enough to chzt snowy holiday fantasies, the collection is filled with hats, gloves, neck warmers, and socks to keep the cold at bay. Better yet, all of the styles, including men's, women's, and snowedd style plus unisex options, are woven with Uniqlo's ature HEATTECH technology that absorbs water vapor from your skin and coverts it to heat so you can feel toasty in even the coldest of climes.

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Take a look at some of the must-have styles from the collaboration below and shop the full collection snowfd Uniqlo! Follow all the latest developments. Jennie Aitken, 33, began noticing it weeks into the pandemic. The Victoria woman has a family and was frequently checking in with good friends, but since her management job with a local health authority required her to work from home, she could go days without seeing other people.

With the second wave of the pandemic pushing more people into the isolation of their own homes, a second public health crisis with potentially deadly consequences has emerged: loneliness. Not snower an uncomfortable emotion, loneliness is a leading risk factor for death. Social isolation exceeds the health risks associated with obesity, inactivity, excessive drinking, air pollution and smoking over 15 cigarettes a day, according to a review of studies by psychology professor Julianne Holt-Lunstad of Brigham Young University in Utah.

That's bad news in a worsening pandemic where increasingly tighter restrictions are forcing many of us to be apart from family and friends.

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Yet there's a surprising antidote that can tide us through the holiday season and beyond: informal, casual interactions with acquaintances and strangers, such as neighbours, baristas, delivery drivers, dog walkers and others we may encounter in the course of an average day. Called "weak ties," these interactions can be just as effective in restoring our sense of well-being and belonging as connecting with our stronger ties to family and close friends.

Even superficial interactions can improve well-beingWhen the pandemic hit, Jolanda Jetton, a professor at the University of Queensland, about kilometres north of Sydney, and a few of her social psychology colleagues wrote the book Together Apart, in which they argued that the very social connections being discouraged are actually key to maintaining health during COVID We can physically distance without socially distancing, Jetton cyat her co-authors said.

While we must adhere to public health guidelines, we also need social contact beyond our immediate families, says Susan Pinker, psychologist and author of the book The Village Effect. As we've cancelled big family dinners and nights out with our friends, hcat way to boost our well-being is to interact with the people standing right in front of you.

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Gillian Sandstrom, a professor at the University of Essex, about kilometres northeast of London, found that while the of interactions with strong ties such as family and friends improved people's sense of well-being and belonging, "the same was true of the weak tie interactions" — relationships involving less-frequent contact, low emotional intensity and limited intimacy such as greeting a neighbour on the street.

Part of her study, looked at a group of 58 undergraduate students and an older group of 52 community members and counted the of weak and strong tie interactions they had as they went through their days. Participants reported greater subjective well-being and sense of belonging on days when they had more weak-tie interactions. In another part of her study, she measured how many interactions undergraduate students had with classmates.

Those who had the most interactions, regardless of whether they had any friends in the class, reported greater subjective feelings of happiness and belonging. And they can do a good job in filling in gaps. Victoria's Aitken agreed. It's honestly been a major thing to keep me well. WATCH The challenge of solo living during the pandemic:Sandstrom too one-half of the 60 participants to smile, make eye contact and have a brief conversation with the barista at Starbucks and the other to be as efficient as possible.

Those who made an effort to talk to the barista experienced more positive emotion and felt more of a sense of belonging after leaving. This echoes the work of Elizabeth Dunn, a psychology professor at UBC in Vancouver, whose study of 78 people found that participants reported feeling greater well-being than expected when interacting with a stranger, equivalent to the mood boost they experienced when interacting with their romantic partner.

However, Sandstrom said, we often don't take advantage of these potential boosts in mood when we cross paths with each other. During the pandemic, she paired 64 strangers with each other and had them connect virtually for a conversation. Not only did people feel less lonely and isolated; she also found their general sense of trust in others and perceptions snowde others' benevolence were higher after having a conversation with a stranger.

Physical distancing has pushed most of us away from in-person interactions in favour of communicating by or text, using self-checkouts, or doing our shopping online. University of Queensland's Jetton said it's important to be aware of interactions. Maybe we need to start measuring the social connections that people have and help them make plans on how to expand their social network," Jetton said. While it might be hard to have casual social interactions in person, Jetton's research suggests that merely belonging to a group can be one way to reap some of the benefits of weak social ties.

Her studies suggest that belonging to a group, regardless of the strength of individual ties snosed the group or physical proximity, improves well-being. We can still feel like a community member, even when the connection is impeded by something like a lockdown. Coming together for virtual church services, or art classes, or to sing, or cheer and bang pots and pans from apartment balconies are all ways we've adapted to stay connected, even when our immediate friends and family are physically distanced.

So while the provinces are tightening restrictions, limiting our chances for holiday gatherings, connecting with weak ties — from chatting with strangers on the street to singing as a group on Skype — can help substitute for some of the deeper connections that are physically out of reach chag now. The last 12 months have seen almost every area of life disrupted and the film industry has been no exception.

Take our quiz to find out. Games prove Christmas hit as UK spends holiday in lockdown. About 25 million logged cyat to the PC gaming platform Steam on the ibwant ever Christmas Day for the video games industry. Best to forget the rancorous ending. Videos, reportedly from outside MCG, on social media show go asking team India to speak up for the farmers.

After a challengingthe Windsors are preparing for the arrival of two new additions, a th birthday and a month evaluation of Megxit. ROME — European Union nations kicked off a co-ordinated effort Sunday to give COVID vaccinations to the most vulnerable among the bloc's nearly million people, marking a moment of hope in the continent's battle against the worst public health crisis in a century.

Health care workers, the elderly and leading politicians got some of the first shots across the nation bloc to reassure the public that the vaccinations are safe and represent the best chance to emerge from the pandemic. Maria Rosaria Capobianchi, who he the virology laboratory at Spallanzani and was part of the team that isolated the virus in early February. Only later would northern Lombardy become the epicenter of the outbreak in Europe. Italy now has the continent's worst confirmed virus death toll at nearly 72, We snowsd have a long road ahead, but finally we see a bit of light.

In the Los Olmos nursing home in the Spanish city of Guadalajara, northeast of Madrid, a snoqed resident and a caregiver were the first Spaniards to receive the vaccine. The Czech Republic was spared the worst of the pandemic in the spring only to see its health care system chzt collapse in the fall. All those getting shots will have to come back in three weeks for a second dose. EU leaders are counting on the vaccine rollout to help the bloc project a sense of unity in a complex lifesaving mission after fhat faced 220 year of difficulties in negotiating a post-Brexit trade deal with Britain.

Meanwhile, the first cases of a new virus variant that has been spreading rapidly around London and southern England have now been detected in France and Spain. The new variant, which British authorities said is much more easily transmitted, has caused European countries, the United States and China to put new restrictions on travel for people from Britain. Japan became the latest country to act, announcing it would temporarily ban all non-resident foreigners from entering tk Jan.

Germany's BioNTech has said it's confident that its coronavirus vaccine works against the new U. The European Medicines Agency on Jan. Chah months later, Drew said visiting restrictions that were initially needed at facilities like the Lynn Valley Care Centre are now causing more harm than good for her dad and other residents who are mostly confined to their rooms.

That's where she fears year-old Graham Drew will die alone. He's sad. He needs the socialization because he's been a very social person all his life," Drew said of the man known for his sense of humour and love of singing songs like "Take Me Out to the Ball Game.

The institute has issued guidelines to support the reopening of care homes to family caregivers and visitors, even during outbreaks. Drew said she and her sister and brother regularly visited their father since he moved to the care home three years ago. They decided she would be the so-called deated visitor allowed to enter a common area once a week for 30 minutes though the Plexiglas barrier separating her from her father makes visits challenging because of his hearing loss.

Isobel Mackenzie, the advocate for seniors in British Columbia, said the unintended consequences of tightened visiting policies have contributed to a spike in loneliness and depression for residents, as revealed in a survey by her office. About 15, residents, families and members of the public participated in the survey this summer. The findings released last month show a seven per cent rate of increase in antipsychotic use, and a three per cent jump in antidepressant use between March and September for residents who have struggled to cope without adequate contact with their family caregivers.

I want somebody to help me to the toilet. I want somebody to help me eat. I want somebody who's going to sit and listen to me,'" Mackenzie said. The lack of an association that represents residents and their families at the care homes in B. Mackenzie has called on the B.

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The Health Ministry did not respond directly to an inquiry about whether it would consider the creation of such an association, saying only that it recognizes the important role of family councils that exist at d facilities. Not all care homes have councils, and those that do aren't part of any collective group. Mackenzie said care home operators are arbitrarily deciding who qualifies as an essential or deated visitor, with many facilities allowing only one or the other among regular family caregivers.

Bonnie Henry, the provincial health officer for B. Families have the right to appeal any decision to the manager of a facility and to the BC Patient Safety and Quality Council, Henry said. Mackenzie said about 80 per cent of residents had no visits between March and June as care-home operators decided whether they met the criteria for an essential visit.

I can't imagine the nightmare of having to co-ordinate visits in a common area," she said. Samir Sinha, director of geriatrics at Sinai Health System and the University Health Network in Toronto, said the impact of visitor restrictions on long-term care residents whose family caregivers are a big part of their lives has been lost amid the focus on daily COVID case counts. How many residents are we actually making suffer even more because of overly excessive kinds of restrictions?

The need for that balance is one of the principles in the institute's guideline, which says all long-term care residents should be given the same access to visitors. That's all the more important due to chronic staffing shortages that have been highlighted during the pandemic, Sinha said. Camille Bains, The Canadian Press. What's the latest? Ottawa reported 59 new cases of the virus Saturday, but the s were only recorded as of Christmas Eve and did not include data from Friday.

How many cases are there?

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Ottawa Public Health reported 59 new cases of showed virus on Saturday and no new deaths, but the s did not include data collected Friday. What can I do?

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No indoor public events or indoor social gatherings will be allowed, except with members of the same household or one other home for people who live alone. Restaurants and non-essential businesses can offer curbside pickup and delivery. Schools won't immediately return with in-person classes, except for post-secondary classes that can't be held virtually.

Child care centres will be open, but day camps will not. There is an exception for people living alone. I love caht summer and fall, but not when it comes to exciting weather. Week after week of endless ridging and inversions. It was kind of a strange winter. Then it absolutely took off.

- lawrenceburg index by tw telecom

In the 37 day xhat from Feb. It seemed like no matter how borderline the situation I would score snow. It was definitely not a good winter for meaningful cold. My coldest month had no snow DecemberJanuary was above average, and my coldest low for the winter was only 22, despite over sub-freezing lows since my first freeze in late October.

On the other hand this winter was fairly mundane down in the valley with a few wrinkles The mid-valley flood, and late snow events. But in my opinion there are similarities.

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Is anyone else monitoring the site in his place? Yesterday and today were real windy here, but warm and sunny…very nice. Drive to Palm Springs tomorrow. I am stuck fo work, but I imagine they look awesome with the recent sea-level snow, the volume of snow they got, and the perfect blue skies. I have an awesome pic from my dad at Timberline on my iphone.

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How can I share it on here? To nice not to enjoy the outside air fellow Milwaukitonian, I live just off of 42nd near the same Safeway. You are mere blocks from me! Time to crank up the grill tonight and sit around fire pit and tip a few. What a beautiful Spring day to enjoy! Just a typical winter morning for the ride to work today. Weather question: For the most ideal snow conditions on the valley floor mb temperatures need to be at Oh is this a game show weather quiz Ben T?

That is the border line, generally. They were wrong. With moderate precip I can get snow and have several times this winter with mb temps of -3C and thickness in the low s. If precip is light it needs to be under -5C and sub thickness if the flow is onshore.

My general rule is that if mb temps are -4C or lower and thickness is below then I will see snow. As for the valley floor -8C and sub if flow is onshore.

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Depends on many factors… During winter you typically need -7 or colder to get snow on the valley floor. If other factors are in play you may need it cooler i. In that case anything under 0 C temps and thicknesses values will produce snow if conditions are right. Scroll through the individual 3 hour maps below during the Great February Snowstorm of The snow began around 09Z 1am in the central valley. Salem had inches! In contrast the south valley has gone from arctic air and an actual temp of 8 F to 33 F in Corvallis in 12 hours without a flake — all rain.

On the flip side Corvallis is the undisputed king of picking up snow in marginal post frontal showery events. Showers that will peter out as they reach the central valley are often at full strength still over Corvallis. As a result I can remember Corvallis getting inches while no one else at Valley level got snow on several occasions when I went to OSU. Chris s- Thanks,appreciate it. Rod displayed a graphic that showed our cold snaps that have happened recently and the last bullet point was the date April 4th as possibly another shot of cold air and valley snow.

The Midwest and East have a very warm late winter and early spring, and we have a colder and wetter than normal late winter and spring. There were some really good discussions the last few days actually. It was a really tough and nearly unprecedented forecasting situation and I think the NWS did fairly well. I think they should have issed a winter weather advisory for the PDX Metro area a little sooner last night, but their Winter Storm Warning for my location definitely verified.

A few nights ago Rod Smith said he saw something around the April fouth time frame so maybe his crystal ball is on to something. Models have been showing a pretty wet week next week for a while… Odds seem decent that the March rainfall record falls. We will enjoy the fun! The next couple weeks look a lot more like typical spring weather. I think your right but just a few years ago at our beach house in Rockaway during spring break it snowed and we followed a sanding truck through the pass.

So with all this late snow I bet we get another blast. Warmer weather sounds great, I bet alot people will be using their chain saws in the south valley to clear the fallen trees. Spring snow as heavy as it is can cost a few bucks. I am so glad it missed me, I have alot trees in my yard. I might have to break down and finally buy one instead. I was wondering how crippling that heavy snow must have been down the valley. The fir trees were just hanging down over the intersections and power lines.

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A Fresh Post For warmer weather. Like this: Like Loading March 25, at am. Joshua in Lake Oswego says:. March 25, at pm. W7ENK says:.

March 26, at am. Andrew Near Silver Falls ' says:. Andrew Portland March 24, at pm.

JJ snowde. Kyle says:. AdamInAumsville says:. Kassie says:. BEn T. Mike Orchards ' says:. March 24, at am. CorbettTez says:. Ryan says:. Austin gaston says:. Blizzard for Albany says:. March 23, at pm.